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A summary of my first book:

“On Being You: A Simple Guide to Self Enquiry”

Michael Vincent

Edited by Chantal De-Silva with a Preface by Hilary Lepine

Kessingland, Suffolk and Arunachala, India 2009-10

Available from 21 June 2010 from your local bookshop, Amazon or directly from the author;

ISBN 9781449097578; AuthorHouse 2010; full colour 8.5x8.5.

I came into this body with no-thing: without my name, my mind, my ego and without any material thing. It is assured I will leave this body with no-thing. What is the nature of the “I” which existed before all these things were attached to it? What is the nature of this Consciousness, this Awareness, that existed as “I” before entering this body?  Who is this “I” that I am? Who amongst us will dare to ask………..?

If you would reflect on “Who am I?” in your search for Self realisation this small volume may be the invitation you seek and the map you require on your personal journey. The travelling may not be easy as you drop all the masks and kick away the crutches. But as the clouds clear and the fog lifts you will become aware that the Realisation of True Self is the essential factor rendering as side show and distraction all other activities pursued in life.

Self Enquiry is for all, you are already fully qualified and membership of this club is guaranteed with endless benefits…….

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