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Two Reviews of my first book:


On Being You – A Simple Guide to Self Enquiry.

Having been an avid reader of Self Enquiry books and sort-out Masters around the world for many years I was pleasantly surprised to be touched and inspired by Michael’s book on Self Enquiry into the timeless question “Who am I?”.

His paintings in the book are a treat in themselves. I shall recommend this little gem to my clients and students.

Reverend Leonora van Gils

Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor,

International Healer and Allergy specialist.


Moat Hall, Darsham, Suffolk, IP17 3PP.

10 July 2010.

On Being You: A Simple Guide to Self Enquiry

Michael has written articles for local and national newspapers and magazines and published a book in 2001 celebrating the life of his wife Kaisa and her pioneering complementary health care programme for cancer. He has broadcast on local radio and facilitates workshops on visual art and Meditation.

This book is delightfully presented in all aspects. I found the "look and feel" of the book immediately set a relaxed tone. The size and clean layout are easy on the eye, offering the opportunity to focus upon the content without undue distraction.

The text is interspersed with relevant quotations and a selection of images taken from his own extensive portfolio of original artworks created during his lifetime as a painter. Each quotation and each image offers the reader an opportunity to pause and reflect, before continuing.

Sri Ramana Maharshi first offered Self Enquiry as silent Satsang. It soon became apparent to him that many of his students were not "getting the message" as they were unable or unprepared to sit with silence. Faced with this fact verbal communication was started, much of which was written down by his students and later became the basis of texts.

From there, the author explains, there has become an almost exponential increase in the verbiage, particularly in the west, as Self Enquiry becomes more popular, and as Hindi texts are translated with different ways used to compensate for the lack of equivalent western words.

It is the proliferation of differing words and the accompanying complexity or confusion that Michael seeks to redress.

As readers, invited to work at our own pace, we are led through each section with simple and uncluttered explanations. I found that when approached in a relaxed and open way, I absorbed the material with more and more ease.

Following his desire to keep matters as simple as possible Michael’s book follows a path covering:

Some Definitions


On being not you


Conscience, action and behaviour


Unlearning the learned


On Desire


Be in your body


Earth Matters


Look to the Source


On Freedom


On what remains


Epilogue: I am I


This route offers a measured journey through each of the areas being addressed. At only 80 pages, which include the images and quotations, some recommended reading, and three pages at the end left empty for writing any personal notes, it is clear that Michael has accomplished what he set out to offer – A simple guide to Self Enquiry devoid of surplus verbiage.

Publisher: Authorhouse

Year; 2010

Format: paperback, colour

Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: ISBN 978 144 909 7578

Reviewer: John Emery