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AshTat Meditation Programme

The true purpose of meditation is to connect you to Source, to take you to that which Is behind the mind and ego, quietening both to the point of stillness where there is no engagement with or attachment to any thought that arises. There are many approaches to meditation, many ways, all of which could play a part in the realisation of your True Self…….


The following meditations are held regularly at AshTat. I am also happy to lead any of the meditations within groups and communities.

Bridgewater Group - Tuesday and Thursday 6.30-8.30pm

1 Osho Kundalini Meditation.

One hour dynamic meditation in 4 stages of 15 minutes : shaking, body movement, sitting and  lying flat on the ground. The first three are to Osho’s commissioned music, the last stage is in silence. This is a powerful meditation with the potential to change how you “feel” in every way.


2 Bio-Dynamic –“ Shaking” – Meditation

One hour meditation of two stages – for 50 minutes a period of body shaking to music followed by 10 minutes of silence. This is a remarkable, potentially life-changing meditation created by Ratu Bagus in Bali and, like the Osho meditation, is practiced across the globe.


3 Self Enquiry – Silent Satsang

Held daily at Ashtat and with individuals/groups by arrangement.

In silence participants are invited to ask the question “Who am I?”  Whilst remaining with the question the temptation to answer through mind is resisted as, in silence, awareness will blossom until that point is reached when the question  no longer arises. You are invited to look within, to move quietly through all those layers of false identification, of untrue self, and merge into the ocean of ever-present stillness that is your True Self.

Meditation ceases to be a practice becoming a way of Being that is with you wherever you are and in whatever you are doing.


4 Created in Meditation

This was a programme I developed employing the full use of creative expression, combined with meditation and healing, to manage the many layers of emotion associated with grief at the loss of a loved one. It broadened into being a visual arts/meditation programme central to AshTat. You are invited  to use your creative potential to work through the layers of emotion and feeling clouding the realisation of your True Self. This activity is available as a week end retreat.



For more information, please contact me either by email or telephone.