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To Kaisa : Life, Love and Complementary Health Care.

Michael Vincent  2001.  Full colour. 61 pages.

Kaisa Vincent was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1983, an event which was to be the beginning of a great journey. Instead of accepting cancer as a death sentence she chose to develop her way of dealing with this life-threatening and destructive illness. This book describes her journey and the complimentary health care programme she developed and used for over 18 years.

“When the student is ready the master will appear” it is said.  If you are reading this book you are ready; and here is a master of courage, determination and self-empowerment speaking through the voices of those who knew her.

It is the author’s wish that as many people as possible may benefit from Kaisa’s programme and her message of hope and power, love and trust that can define any life, even one coloured by a life-threatening illness.

 Snowdrops and primroses

Gouache 1995

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