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Born in Suffolk,U.K, in 1949 Michael Vincent has been a painter and writer throughout his life.

He has specialised in gouache and oil painting using his work to illustrate his published books and articles, turning several paintings into limited edition prints.

He has exhibited his work widely since the 1960s. Since childhood he has used his Art to support many environmental issues, recognising it to be a powerful tool in raising the awareness of others to the dire issues we face today.

His inspiration is found in nature, in front of the living, vibrant landscape where painting becomes both a connection to our precious Earth and an act of deep meditation.

A lifelong interest in meditation inspired him to demonstrate, through courses in creativity, how visual Art can play a significant part in health and well-being. This growing interest in meditation, notably in the practise of Self Enquiry, has resulted in the publication of three books on this ancient Practice, introduced to many individuals and groups over the years. His first book was completed in India and published in 2010; his second book was published in 2016 and the third in 2020.

In 2024 Michael returned to his beloved Suffolk.He now  lives in Kessingland by the sea with his daughter Jennifer and their rescued dogs. Although “retired” he continues to write, paint, meditate and meet with individuals and small groups keen to learn more of this practice and his work.


About Michael Vincent