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The AshTat Project

Over many years of painting I have accumulated a folio of paintings, prints and drawing of the countryside and coast of the UK and abroad. I have also published four books and designed and implemented programmes and retreats in creativity and meditation which have been of personal benefit to groups in several parts of the UK

My wish is to put this activity  to “good use”  in the support of worthy causes which directly benefit those who  are less fortunate than myself.

The programme blossomed in Glastonbury where, in 2006, the AshTat Centre for Creative Living was established. Having spent awhile developing further this work on the beautiful Suffolk Coast, AshTat returned to Somerset in 2012

The AshTat Project is ongoing. Funding from all activities is used to support the creative and meditation programmes of AshTat with proceeds being donated to worthy causes.

AshTat on You Tube

A place for you to be who you are

My wish is to present a simple guide to Self Enquiry devoid of flowery verbiage and pseudo-spiritual jargon, so remaining true to this radical and life-changing “practice”.

The words on this video are taken from my book on Self Enquiry of the same title and the paintings are of places I have visited these past years. It is my heartfelt wish that you will be inspired to look further into this radical practice.

This practice, drawn from the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and other leading exponents of Self Enquiry,becomes a simple but powerful meditaion which, after awhile, is “practiced” without effort wherever you are.

It is the key to that which follows applied as life is experienced in every way.

Mind drives me to be that which I am not, convinces me that I am these things and then creates dependencies and habits which seem difficult, often impossible, to break…….Self Enquiry : Who Am I?

An endless stream of thought illusions and accumulated memories seem set to control my life in every way. It is time to step off this dizzying merry-go-round, to stop chasing my tail….To Be…..Self Enquiry : Who Am I?

The time will come when all I have learned will be set aside. I have within all I require to realise my True Self, to know who I Am……now is the time. Self Enquiry : who Am I?

I desire just this: to know who I am…….Self Enquiry : Who Am I?

Whatever I think and feel and however I behave, rest assured, the tide will ebb and flow, the trees will leaf and blossom in the spring and the sun will shine……I am who I Am. Self Enquiry : Who am I?

Conscience is an integral part of True self, of that which I Am. It is a quiet awareness, a voiceless voice, guiding my action whilst gently pointing the way……….Self Enquiry : Who Am I?

Be in your body but not of it…….surrender all attachment to that which is perishable……..Self Enquiry: Who Am I?

As life is experienced and shared with all that lives on this precious Earth each action I take will be in awareness of its potential outcome. Unique as I am there is no separation….. Self Enquiry: Who Am I?

I am free…..unburdened….uncluttered…..unchained. I am free to be who I Am……..Self Enquiry : Who Am I?

Love eternal: this I Am………….Self Enquiry : Who Am I? With my love and thanks to my friend John Emery who produced these beautiful videos on Self Enquiry. Om namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya