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Course One

On Being You -
A Simple Guide to Self Enquiry

Having offered Satsang and Retreats in Self Enquiry for some years now I have come to understand that potential participants need to be ready and open, and probably but not always experienced  in meditation practice, to benefit from attendance.

Course Two

Creative Expression Through Drawing

Drawing is the act of making a mark on a surface with the intention of expressing something – an idea, a feeling or a reaction to something within us or around us.

Drawing is the simplest and most basic of creative and expressive acts, something humankind has done since time began

Course Three

Drawing From Life

The ultimate drawing challenge.

We all remember those experiences, those defining moments, which have played a key part in our lives, so fresh in the mind it is as if as if they happened yesterday. I would like to begin this short paper on life drawing with an account of one such

Course Four

Painting in Gouache

Gouache is a water-based medium, closely related to watercolour with which it can be mixed. It is much misunderstood and misused but is a most exciting and versatile medium the “basics” of which are quite easily mastered.

Course Five

Painting in Oils

I describe my approach to oil painting, an exciting painting medium with great creative potential. This article discusses the challenge of working in oil on canvas before a living and vibrant landscape

On Being Alive

What Others Are Saying

Deeply Peaceful

Group participant, Osho Leela, Gillingham. July 2017.   A wonderful retreat, deeply peaceful, drawing us into  a connection with our original face, the source of our creativity. I once thought I was uncreative but through non-judgemental encouragement I found this was untrue and I discovered my voice, my expression, my well-spring.  Thank you.

A road to Peace.

Niel, U.S.A. A Road To Peace.       I believe Michael has something wonderful on his hands. It is a cure for the modern sickness of the mind. We all hide under a cloak of lies, asumptions and habit and Michael has provided a clear path to walk away from it. I know this has changed my way of thinking and will set me up for a more fulfilling life. I am glad the moment came when I found the Practice and the Peace. Thank you Michael  

Jude, Felixstowe

helped give me the strength, courage

Following a breakdown (parental issues) last year and then bereavement (my beloved husband Paul), I have found Michael’s workshop and book, in their simple yet powerful way, have helped give me the strength, courage and LOVE to move forward in both my health and grief. I am so grateful that Michael and his book came into my life at these immensely challenging times.

Ravi, Glastonbury

would recommend it to anyone

As an ex group addict only someone like you could have tempted me out of retirement. I found your clever mixture of shaking and Self Enquiry quite centring and would recommend it to anyone at any stage on the path, from new to well-trodden.

Hilary, Lowestoft

Clear and concise

Effortlessly delivered, clear and concise….Michael is clearly a master of his subject.

Sally, Woodbridge

The weekend retreat was sublime.

Your ability to talk openly and honestly about Self Enquiry, without being threatening or “heavy”, is truly wonderful. It is a simple concept that has long- lasting results. It’s like being given a toolkit to use in life. The simplicity of the meditation and optional talking about my feelings helped me to recharge my innermost self. I came with many things on my mind: Self Enquiry has helped me see these problems differently and cope with them better.

Andria, Bournemouth

I left with so much joy and happiness.

Today I came to the workshop with sadness and left with so much joy and happiness. I had forgotten to remember how lovely and wonderful I am. Thank you for reminding me.

Nutan, London

Well organised and perfectly perfect

Well organised and perfectly perfect…..You are a humble and great guru, part of the ongoing picture of my sweet home, that one universal place of love, peace and light.

You have fulfilled that missing piece and I hope to grow from this experience. May you be blessed for all the good work you are here to share with needy souls like ours.


John, Basingstoke

The journey has awakened in me

The journey has awakened in me an understanding that I don’t need an ideology, I don’t need books or religion to be who I am. I have tried other forms of meditation but this has taken me to a new level of connection and freedom, to a total sense of release. Thanks for a great, enlightening weekend and a practice to follow throughout time.

Yvonne, Verwood.

I was moved to attend this retreat

Your honesty and self-disclosure reminded me that there is no separation. I was moved to attend this retreat and experience for myself the Self Enquiry method. I felt that the shaking at the beginning and the end of the day was the perfect way to connect with the group in the morning and shake out emotional responses in the afternoon. Thank you for a lovely retreat.

Yvonne, Verwood.

Unmani, Glastonbury

A beautiful experience, a perfect retreat

An amazing combination of energetic shaking and silent Self Enquiry.

How good can it get? Michael created a peaceful and safe space for people to explore themselves, with thoughtful input and gently challenging ideas (I will always remember the one about how I am controlled by something that doesn’t actually exist: my mind!)

I am here for me. What could be more important?